submitted by Ramachandra das on behalf of PL, Singapore

submitted by Ramachandra das on behalf of PL, Singapore

Oh Dear Srila Gurudev!

Where are you! I really miss you. You say that one must cry in order to get Sri Guru’s Mercy but I’m such a wretch! I never cried hard enough to get your Mercy.

I really regret not taking your instructions seriously. Please give me the strength to carry out your instructions, Srila Gurudev!

Now that you are with Sri Sri RadhaGopaljiu, my heart yearns more to see you. May it be in my dreams, I’ll be very happy, as I will know that you have taken me as your disciple. If not I will be a fatherless kid. Nobody to take shelter of. It is so joyful and blissful to see you jumping and screaming in your wonderful lectures. Why didn’t I give up all my job and follow you wherever you went. I’m a number one stupid fool. You have given me so many chances but I never cherished them. Please come back, Srila Gurudev, that is please bring me back to you! Let me be your eternal servant at your Lotus Feet! I really miss you. Please let me at least take some darshan of you in my dreams!

Oh Dear Srila Gurudev! You please answer me. Please, Please! I have so much to tell you or ask you. Please don’t leave me behind. I just want to catch hold of your Beautiful Lotus Feet!

Your unworthy servant