From Snigdha dasi


Dear Gour Govinda Maharaja
Hare Krishna. Please, accept my humble dandavat pranams.

I was not so fortunate to receive your direct association, but my beloved Gurudeva gave me under the care of your faithful disciple, Sripad Bhaktivedanta Shuddhadvaiti Maharaj. I was fortunate enough to travel with him trying to serve Gurudeva and had a lot of opportunities to hear your hari-katha from him. But it was never enough, because through this hari-katha I felt that I start to develop relationships with you, so much so, that now I accept you as one of my beloved siksa Gurus.

So I feel, that this is your mercy also – to give me under the affectionate guidance of your disciple. How many times I was praying to receive this special mercy of yours, sitting on the ‘hot seat’! And now, when it is coming to me through your disciple, the question arise – am I able to swallow? Yes. But am I able to follow? I hope so and pray to you on this special day and always – please, give me strength to do what my spiritual guides want me to do, putting aside all unwanted desires that i still have. I’m full of anarthas and I pray to you – please, help me, please, cut my false ego as cucumbers, please, enable me to serve purely my Gurudeva and Vaisnavas and understand desires of their heart.

Humbly aspiring to become dasanudasi,
Snigdha dasi

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