By Swami BV Suddhadvaiti

Dear Guru Maharaja,
please accept my humble dandavat pranams in the dust of your lotus feet.

Whenever this holy day of your disappearance comes back, it’s a bitter-sweet experience. Bitter, because how to replace your most wonderful person? Even though I have met sadhus after you left, and closely associated with them, the special flavor of your personal association is so unique, that it cannot be forgotten nor matched. As I am wandering the earth, trying, as an instrument, to distribute our acaryas’ mission, whenever I hear your name, I catch myself containing the emotions and tears swelling up inside, remembering how you gave me so much! You took the time to try to weed out anarthas from my heart, but how little did I gave you in return! How did I allow the years to roll by without taking more advantage of your teachings and mercy? Continue reading “By Swami BV Suddhadvaiti”

The Mood of A Sadhu

The Heart of Siddhanta

With today being Srila Gour Govinda Swami’s disappearance day, I thought that it seemed to be an ideal time to glorify sadhu and guru. The only problem with that, of course, due to my own fallen nature, is that a worm in stool such as me doesn’t really have the ability to glorify a sadhu. One can really only glorify a sadhu by following the instructions given by the sadhu and becoming a sadhu oneself. By becoming glorious we practically demonstrate sadhu’s glorious mercy. Continue reading “The Mood of A Sadhu”