by Baby Gouripriya + Mother Anuradha

All Glories to Sri Gouranga Prema Yuga Acarya Srila Gurudeva! All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Baby GouriPriya is YOUR Daughter, named after YOU. She happened to take birth in our humble world to carry out her delightful pastimes. She calls YOU Srila Gurudeva – ‘Thata’ when she sees your pictures daily. (In Tamil it means Grandfather). When her father offers daily incense to Lord Sri Jagannatha, Sri Balarama, Sri Subhadra , Sri Narasimha deva and You Srila Gurudeva she insists on accompanying him on this seva until she has darshan of all the wonderful pictures of the Lord, Sri Hanumanji, Your Divine self and Srila Prabhupada in the household. She sleeps below your lotus feet with a picture of you near her head. She loves Sri Gopala’s Kirtanas and Songs and dances to his tunes. Everything is known to you. Gouripriya and her mother Anuradha live on with their only happiness and hope of serving you always. We beg for your Blessings to Baby Gouri and her Mother.

Baby Gouripriya and Mother Anuradha