by Jagadish Pandit das

namo om vishnu padaya krsna prestaya bhutale
srimate gour govinda swami iti namine

Today is the most important day for us your children. Because today is the birth day of our most wonderful, kind and loving father, His Divine Grace Sri Srila Gour Govinda Swami.

As when the planet was very jubilant when Lord Krsna was born, it was the same when you were born Gurudeva. We cannot express in words our gratitude. Gurudeva, you told us that when a son takes birth that he is a expansion of the fathers body and therefore when the guru accepts a disciple that the guru expands himself and enters the heart of his disciples. And that in every birth we get a mother and father like a dog father, pig father. But in that birth that we accept a sad guru, Sri Guru, then that is our real birth and we should understand that good fortune has come to us.

I remember when you came to Bali you were so happy there because the devotees there are so simple hearted and you told us

You do your part, guru and Krsna will do their part.”

While there in Bali i walked on your foot by mistake but gurudeva you only smiled at me with love, when in shock i realised what i had done and tried to say sorry Gurudeva, you pointed to the feet of one devotee in the room and said, “I am simply the dust at his feet.” I have only seen that kind of humility in two personalities in my life; you Srila Gurudeva and Srila Bhaktipramoda Puri Maharaja. So that kind of true humility I feel in this world is very rare. One time in class one devotee was glorifing you and you gurudeva told us, “stop him, do something he is blaspheming me.”

Gurudeva I miss you with all my heart and soul.

Gurudeva, after you left my mortal vision in 1996 then at the 1996 Rathayatra in Bhubaneswar i was so lamenting, that I could not see you and hear from you in person. I was so unhappy I went to the guesthouse and by then i had about 400 of your cassettes I just stuck my hand in that trunk and found a class with no title on it. So I thought let me play this and see what is on this class. This was the day after rathayatra that this took place. So I started to listen to the class Srila Gurudeva started to sing and chant those beautiful Vedic verses then Srila Gurudeva started to speak his first words were

So yesterday was Rathayatra, today we may speak something on the glories of Rathayatra…”

At that time i just broke down like a small baby and started to cry and as i remember this while writing this i am also crying.

Remembering your words, Srila Gurudeva, that

nothing is impossible on the part of guru and Krsna.

As you know, I am now trying to serve Sachinandan prabhu, who you ordered me to work with, and also told that Mahaprabhu’s lila-pitha will come on our way, where we can render service there, so I am trying Gurudeva, to do something there at Dandabhanga and you must be happy because there are very simple hearted devotees there .

On this day I pray for the dust of your lotus feet.
If I get that dust my heart may become pure.

Your eternal servant and son,

Jagadish Pandit das
Thanks you Srila Gurudeva, for giving me this name (which is also now my legal name on my passport) and accepting me as your eternal son.
Millions and millions of pranams at your beautiful lotus feet.