by Bhagavat Maharaja

nama oṁ viṣṇu-pādāya kṛṣṇa-preṣṭhāya bhū-tale
śrīmate bhaktivedānta-svāmin iti nāmine
namas te sārasvate deve gaura-vāṇī-pracāriṇe

nama om visnu-padaya krsna presthaya bhutale
srimate gour govinda svamin iti namine
namaste gauranga-prema-datta nityananda krpa sri-murtaye
tvam saksad sri krsna caitanyaprema-bhakti-rasa-vigraha
jayate gauranga premayuga acarya siromani
sri gour govinda swamin gurudevaya namo namaha

I was asked to make this offering at the last possible moment. I am a lowly and unqualified soul as it is. I beg you please forgive me for any faults that appear in this offering.

I want to make the following statement not as a fanatical follower, or blind believer, or as a dear god brother and intimate friend. I am making it as an objective vaishnava sannyasi, student and teacher of the Vedic literature. The statement is as follows. If one reads the books, lectures, and conversations, of his Divine Grace Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and compares them with the books, lectures, and conversations of His Divine Grace Srila Gour Govinda Goswami Maharaja, and then further compares them to the books, lecture, and conversations of the other disciples of Srila Prabhupada, then one can only arrive at one conclusion and one conclusion only. That amongst the direct disciples of Srila Prabhupada there is only one disciple who has understood, assimilated, realized, practiced and preached the teachings of Srila Prabhupada in its entirety. That is Srila Gour Govinda Goswami Maharaja. Therefore He and He alone is the one full moon amongst the many stars of Srila Prabhupada’s disciples. For this reason He should be given a special place of honor and respect in ISKCON and the world for His causeless mercy upon the fallen conditioned souls by giving us His brilliant and illuminating explanations of the teachings of Srila Prabhupada which are nothing less than the transparent expositions of His exceptional and spotless Prema Bhakti Ecstasies.

I submit myself at the lotus feet of my siksha guru Srila Gour Govinda Goswami Maharaja again and again begging for His forgiveness and requesting one drop of mercy from His lotus feet for this most fallen and offensive soul.

I remain an aspiring but worthless servant of the Vaishnavas
Swami B.V. Bhagavat